Diamond coated tooling offers high performance and superior cutting capability for larger diameter applications in the Aerospace, Formula 1 and Maritime industries.

The diamond coated finish ensures that the cutting edge remains sharp to prevent the fraying of fibres and the delamination of composite materials. Diamond products are traditionally used in the machining of non-ferrous materials including graphite, carbon fibre, fibreglass, plastics and ceramics.

Our diamond products are available in a range of different grit sizes to suit the finish you require. They can be used in hand held and machine based operations and can also be re-coated to increase lifespan at our re-grinding facility.

Diamond Products

For further information contact us on 0161 627 2627 or email sales@gandtrack.com

Gandtrack composite cutting tools are born from a 35 year pedigree of composite cutting experience in the aerospace, marine and auto sport experience. They are fully Quality Assured and made in the UK to the highest standards available.
Unfortunately, cheap imitations bearing the Gandtrack logo have recently appeared in South East Asia, and now Europe. Please ensure you source from a reliable source and if you have any doubts, please let us know via our contact form immediately.